The arrival of a newborn comes with a steady whirl of questions, doubts and all types of necessary care. Within this sea of responsibilities, natural and proper skincare is a crucial step in ensuring the growth of a healthy, happy baby. The general range of products to choose from is broad and overwhelming, the stakes high and the parents tired. Yet selecting eco-friendly products is increasingly easy and accessible; it contributes to your infant’s future as well as their present.


While information revolving around all the different aspects of raising a child is abundant and in many cases contradictory, organic certifications like Ecocert don’t lie. Naturally-derived products are gentler on the skin, help preserve internal balances, non-toxic and non-invasive towards the body’s developing branches.


Thin baby skin absorbs and consumes moisture at a higher rate than adult skin, highlighting the importance of continuous hydration and protection from the toxins and bacteria present in synthetic products. Their skin tissues are soft, permeable, sensitive and not very resistant yet. Their pores must therefore be allowed to breathe and must be shielded from the aggressive chemicals present in products containing petroleum and mineral oils – like many baby oils. Essential and organic oils are an ideal and healthier alternative which don’t block the intake of vitamins and nutrients. Highly nourishing agents, like plant and nut based balms and butters, will keep the skin soothed and hydrated.


It is essential that respiratory, endocrine and digestive systems be able to develop to the extent of their potential. Certified organic ingredients will allow your little one’s biological systems to grow and build vital natural defences, while products containing paraffin, parabens, silicon and other chemicals could easily disrupt these systems. Products without synthetic fragrances, additives and preservatives are highly recommended.


When you’re finished ensuring the safety of elements in direct contact with your baby’s skin, take a moment to reflect on those which have indirect contact but equal effects. This includes everything from the products absorbed during pregnancy, to detergent and dish soap, from plastic toys to clothes with organic fibres.  


Our little humans deserve the best care we can provide them with – check in with your family physician if in any doubt, and always look for certified organic products to be sure that what you’re applying on their delicate skin will help and not harm.