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When you use our services, you trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it. If you do not agree, please do not use this site.

Laboratoires Druide® Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this website without notice.

Collection Of Personal Information

We collect the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • Email
  • Phone / Fax

The personal information we collect is collected through forms, cookies and through the interaction between you and our website.

Forms and Interactivity

Your personal information is collected throughout the web-site. We use the information collected for the following purposes:

  • Mailing information for promotional offers
  • Order follow ups
  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Site management

We collect some information through log files and cookies. We collect the following information:

  • IP Address
  • Pages visited
  • Statistics
  • Applications
  • Day-time connection

Using those logs enable us to:

  • Improve our service
  • Personalize your profile
  • Order status
  • Applications
  • Statistics

Right of Opposition and Withdrawal

We are committed to providing a right of opposition and withdrawal. The option is offered to users to refuse that their personal information be used for certain purposes mentioned in the latter.

To exercise these rights, you can write to:

Address: 4930 ch. du Bois Franc, St-Laurent, Québec, Canada H4S 1A7
Phone: +1 (514) 907-9088 | 1 (800) 663-9693
Fax: +1 (514) 448-0518

We are committed to recognizing a right of access and rectification to those concerned who may want to access data, modify or delete their information.

The exercise of this right will be held at:

Address: 4930 ch. du Bois Franc, St-Laurent, Québec, Canada H4S 1A7
Phone: +1 (514) 907-9088 | 1 (800) 663-9693
Fax: +1 (514) 448-0518

The personal information we collect is kept in a secure environment. The people working for us are required to respect the confidentiality of your information.

To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following measures:

  • SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • User access – authorized personnal only
  • Network surveillance software
  • Backups
  • Numeric certificate
  • Login / password
  • Firewalls

We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality in integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions. However, as no mechanism provides maximum security, an element of risk is always present when using the Internet to transmit personal information.


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