ECOCERT® originated in Europe 25 years ago. It was the very first certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics” and has become the gold standard for international organic certification and has become a benchmark in organic certification worldwide. Its subsidiary in Quebec, ECOCERT® Canada, provides certification guaranteeing that our products meet and exceed their very strict standards.


Druide® Laboratories proudly produces certified organic and natural formulas that are guaranteed to be free of synthetic chemicals and are formulated using the most stringent manufacturing standards in the world according to the ECOCERT® and COSMOS standard, it is the most respected body of certification and inspection recognized in 130 countries through the world.


Our laboratory collaborates with experts in the skincare industry from formulation to final product, the team at Druide® brings to the market result orientated natural, sustainable, and organic skincare for the face, body, and babies. The BioLove collections have quickly become fan favorites and have won the confidence of professionals and consumers with innovative COSMOS ECOCERT® certified formulas. Good for your skin and good for the planet, the Druide® Laboratories consistently ensures the respect and preservation of the environment, your skin, and your well-being.