A Natural Approach To Oral Health

A Natural Approach To Oral Health

Druide offers a natural approach to oral health with Ecocert Certified Toothpaste in four flavors that the whole family will love.

Naturally sweetened with stevia and organic certified essential oils and rich in Silica. Our formulas not only improve oral health but are also free from common irritants and chemicals that can be found in conventional toothpaste.

Here are 5 fantastic reasons to consider Druide Natural Toothpaste

  1. Clean your teeth safely: Our formulas do not contain dyes or artificial ingredients. They have the ability to clean your teeth gently and effectively while fighting bacteria with plant extracts, natural minerals, and antiseptic essential oils.
  2. Our toothpaste refreshes breath with therapeutic essential oils naturally and without the chemical additives found in conventional toothpaste. They are fun and functional formulas that provide antibacterial benefits that eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath while providing a refreshing aromatherapy boost. The Cinnamon flavor packs a nice little boost in the morning.
  3. Prevents and calms gum irritation and pain: The Druide formulas contain high-quality plant extracts, such as Aloe Vera that help to calm and soothe sensitive and irritated gums. Natural and organic toothpaste can prove to be a real asset for those of us with tooth and gum sensitivity. The Anise flavor is ideal for sensitivity.
  4. A natural whitening effect from silica and baking soda effectively, yet gently, polishes the surface of your teeth and eliminates stains. The Mint Lemon is ideal for people who are looking for a gentle whitening toothpaste.
  5. Safe for children, our toothpaste is organic, with no artificial chemicals, no triclosan, and no sodium laureth sulfate. The banana flavor is a nice alternative to synthetic flavored kid’s toothpaste and it is loved by toddlers, young children, and even a few adults we know.

Smile naturally with organic* toothpaste from Druide® Laboratories. Formulated without sulfate, saccharine, gluten, paraben, xylitol, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or irritating agents. Designed from natural ingredients that respect the well-being of your oral health.

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