• Sunscreen SPF30 For Baby


    3 Druide Points

    A real innovation, this sunscreen offers a wide spectrum SPF30 protection against UVA and UVB to your baby. Translucent, it is easy to apply without leaving any white films and it smells divinely good. No nanoparticles.
  • So Soft Baby Body Milk


    3 Druide Points

    This fast-absorption, non-greasy nourishing lotion with Aloe Vera, Europaea Olea oil, Oats and vitamin E is perfect for moisturizing baby’s skin. Its creamy formula perfectly softens even the most sensitive skin and gives it a soft, smooth and silky sensation to the touch.
  • Ultra-Regenerative serum specially adapted for face and cleavage. Enriched with vitamin C, Lotus flower extracts and Acmella Olearacea. It regenerates the moisture barrier of the skin, protects it, strengthens it and nourishes it by moisturizing it. From the first application, the complexion appears radiant, the wrinkles appear diminished and the skin appears visibly revitalized and rejuvenated.
  • HYDRATING • COMFORTING • SMOOTHING Made with natural long-lasting plant-based ingredients. Cleanse and restores your skin naturally.
  • Nightly Ultra Nourishing Cream


    8 Druide Points

    Ultra-moisturizing, it revitalizes and protects the skin of the face. Contains nourishing extracts of Beachwood buds, rich in more than 17 amino acids and mineral salts, Aloe Vera moisturizer and vitamin E and F.
  • Baby Essential Kit


    6 Druide Points

    Opt for absolute comfort and safety. The first moments of life play a vital role in the health and well-being of your baby. This is why it is essential to choose safe, non-toxic care that respects your baby's skin. Druide® BioLove offers gentle and safe certified organic formulas that respect the environment and your child's skin. The kit includes:
  • Baby Face Cream


    2 Druide Points

    This Face Cream provides long-lasting hydration to your baby thanks to its innovative ingredients such as Olea Europaea's Oleosomes (olive oil).
  • Ultra-Hydrating Day Cream


    6 Druide Points

    Ideal for firming and protecting the skin of the face and cleavage. Its formula enriched with Inulin a prebiotic, vitamin E and F and Aloe Vera helps to regenerate the skin’s hydration barrier and protect it from drying out. Apply daily.
  • HYDRATING • COMFORTING • SMOOTHING Made with natural long-lasting plant-based ingredients. Cleanse and restores your skin naturally.
  • Passion Fruit Hand Cream


    1 Druide Point

    Ultra-moisturizing hand cream ideal for repairing dry hands and protecting them from external aggressions. Its certified COSMOS ORGANIC formula by Ecocert Greenlife is enriched with moisturizing oils and nourishing butter that help strengthen the nails and take care of the hands by giving them all their softness and flexibility back.
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    Serenity Spa Eau de Toilette

    $39.99 $20.00

    3 Druide Points

    Soft, fresh and relaxing, this unique fragrance is inspired by the South of France and the world’s most prestigious spas. Eucalyptus, bergamot, Ylang Ylang and lavender essential oils blend in harmony with hints of precious woods and patchouli. Thanks to its aroma therapeutic virtues, this soothing fragrance acts like a natural relaxant for both women and men.
  • Baby Massage Oil


    1 Druide Point

    This very soft massage oil is moisturizing and soothing for baby’s and mom’s skin. This pleasure care helps the baby's development and allows relaxing during the massage. It envelops your baby toddler with soothing aromas of Roman chamomile that helps to relax while promoting baby’s sleep and yours.


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