Our top priority is to provide the highest quality body care products while respecting nature and bringing us into balance with our environment and ourselves. We seek to advocate a holistic and vitalistic approach which implies that all forms of life are interdependent and intrinsically related to each other. With transparency and authenticity, we actively seek raw materials that are safe and produced under fair trade standards. Druide’s ingredients are inspired by ancient herbal medicine of first Nations and European countries alike, maintaining your health, well-being and beauty.


The first Druide products were formulated in 1979 in the small village of Racine in the Appalachian region of Québec Canada. Our continuing vision is inspired by the ancient traditions of holistic skin care offering non-toxic skin care and beauty products while deeply respecting nature. A few thousand years ago, the Druids used the vital energy of plants to restore balance and health to the body. Their goal, was to find in nature, the means of relieving pain and disease within their community. It was the very beginning of herbal medicine based on the observations and experiences of passionate visionaries. Druide is inspired by the vision and mission of the Druids whom, in Celtic times, were among the first healers of the world.


To the Celts, trees are held in high esteem not only for their beauty and longevity, but also for their ability to heal, promote health and well-being. They represent life and the creation of the universe. Trees served as a link between the divine and the earthly world with their branches pointing skyward and roots sunk deeply in the earth. In most temples and Celtic sacred places is where you would find one of the most widely known sacred symbols; The Tree Of Life. At the foot of the sacred old oaks is where you would find the Druids sharing their teachings.


When analyzing The Tree Of Life symbol, we see its branches and roots merging into a spherical shape symbolizing the unity of all matter in the world. The tree also symbolizes for all mankind, a source of oxygen and food. Without trees to purify our air and to provide us with fruits and nuts, human life would not have evolved. The tree also evokes our interdependence with the environment; our vital need to be surrounded by nature. It is by combining these holistic and nourishing abilities that the Druide Tree was born. Like the Celtic tree of life that rests on a bed of grass and grows through its existence, we are inspired to apply the same principles and philosophy toward our customers fostering their health and well-being.


The eternal quest for natural and effective cures that were initiated by the Druids is only exceeded by the science that has allowed us to deepen our knowledge of the human body, but we know that much remains to be discovered. Although there have been many advancements in Organic skin care, even the most esteemed researchers in the field understand that there is still much to be done to standardize and guarantee truth in labeling.

Druide’s product development focuses on achieving the highest level of organic certification through ECOCERT®, and continues to develop a growing number of projects that meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding clients who are all too aware of the impact regarding the toxic effects of chemicals commonly used in cosmetics.



Maintaining a solid relationship with our customers is essential to ensure our mission. Druide strives to educate on the growing importance of the possible side effects of uncontrolled and uncertified cosmetics. Today, the wide range of Druide products stand out with their high quality of organic ingredients combined with their diversity and credibility. With knowledge being power, Druide is at the forefront in creating a truly holistic approach while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Inspired by ancient wisdom, the name Druide is a reflection of our commitment to respect nature and bring into balance our environment and ourselves.