With Breenwashing & Greenbranding: Be aware of what you put on your skin!

We can define greenwashing as a company trying to portray an environmentally friendly image when in fact it is not. However, among the companies that carry this green message, concerned about a healthier future, are some that actually do not do any work to really claim to be ecological. The cosmetic market is full of companies that do not change their working methods, manufacturing methods, and even worse, the composition of their products, but they use the label “Green” to seduce the consumer. So beware because a different packaging or one that seems more ecological does not always mean that it is; in fact, It is often just a marketing strategy allowing them, via this false advertising, to reach a target that is increasingly large. Here are some tips on how to spot the real thing.

Read the labels

One way to ensure the quality of products on the market is to read the labels and check the composition of the products. The INCI, International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, is a list of the ingredients that your beauty products contain. To better understand this, you should know that the concentration of ingredients is indicated in a decreasing order, meaning that the product is mainly composed of the first components you see at the top of the list.

Check the ecological label

The organic labels guarantee that a minimum of 10% of the ingredients come from organic farming, and they also guarantee that tests are not conducted on animals. The numerous organic cosmetic labels present on the market (AB, Ecocert Cosmébio, Nature & Progrés, etc.), also prohibit the use of certain substances.

Many companies do not hesitate to create their own labels to reinforce their so-called eco-responsible attitude when it is nothing of the sort. However, with the Internet, it is easy to search for verified and approved labels. So do not hesitate to do so!

The values of Laboratoires Druide®

Eco-responsibility is an essential value of Laboratoires Druide®. This is how the supply of raw materials (fair) at the source, more environmental means of transport, and the installation of containers made of recycled and recyclable material, Laboratoires Druide® have succeeded in reducing their ecological footprint in ways considerable.

With more than 172 products certified by the independent and accredited international body ECOCERT®, Laboratoires Druide® meets the highest standards of the cosmetics industry. Laboratoires Druide® are also certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and approved by Health Canada, ensuring the highest quality of products to consumers.